Visualeyes’s first product is the Rayzer widebeam light. An innovation that redefines the whole concept of auxiliary lights. By being the first auxiliary light that is mounted inside the car, Rayzer sets a whole new standard.

The product is mounted on the inside of the windshield right behind the rear-view mirror. This position and the small size keep it from disturbing the driver’s field of vision. Compared to normal auxiliary lights, Rayzer's higher placement gives drivers considerably better illumination. And its HID Xenon technology has superior performance – studies show the light emitted gives drivers three times better visibility than standard halogen bulbs. The HID Xenon’s light spectrum is designed to match your eye’s own visual spectrum, which makes seeing at night much more comfortable. The lamps life-span adds up to 3,000 hours, which corresponds to about five years of problem free driving.

Traditional auxiliary lights are difficult to mount, easy to steal and their performance is often affected by becoming dirty in adverse weather or broken by stones or parking accidents. Rayzer solves these problems.

The product is wirelessly synchronized with the vehicle's high-beams. If the light level needs to be adjusted, for example when towing a heavy load, Rayzer's two lamps can be adjusted in height and width  with the turn of a knob either before starting or while driving.

Last but not least, Rayzer takes your car’s appearance and aerodynamics into account. The product has a stylish and elegant design. Moreover, it allows you to have the benefits of auxiliary lights without mounting large, unsightly lights on the front. Rayzer sits discreetly on the inside of the vehicle, designed to fit in seamlessly with modern vehicle interiors.

Night driving simulation with low beam,high beam and Rayzer widebeam.



Technical Specification

Electrical feed:

12 Volt, secured with a 10 Ampere fuse (such as a cigarette lighter outlet).

Light bulbs:

Two specially developed 35 watts HID Xenon bulbs.


Specially developed (constructed and designed) in Sweden.

Radio control:

Specially developed in Sweden.


Two, so called “Super Wide” computer calculated reflectors, with an effective working area of 50-400 meters (roughly 55-437 yards).

Measurements (mm): 240*230*80 (width, length, height).

Weight: 950 g


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